Reasons For Using Insulated Panels


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As you desire to have a robust and modern walling system for your cold, freezer rooms, blast freezers and construction industries then you cannot avoid the insulated panels manufactured by us at Africhill. We are the one whom you can rely on as we offer structure adaptability with quick establishment through our precast Insulated Panels System that conveys an entire vitality proficient building envelope, including outside layer, dampness boundary, protection and inside wrap up.


The various reasons for using our insulated panels

The foremost reason for using insulated panels is that our factory has machinery with computerized and continued line equipment that ensures quality and mass production. So you can be certain regarding the quality of the products. Having such a quality product, you can have other advantages too. Let us have a look at some of those.


Ease of installation: Our insulated panels offer a snappy, eco-friendly option in contrast to building envelope development and with insignificant site disturbing influence. Standard building development materials need to be conveyed to a vocation site put away and afterward put by talented workers from numerous exchanges. Tilt-up divider boards require critical on location space and time for setup and casting and after that, it should be turned onto the building and completed legitimately to accomplish a structurally attractive outside. Then again, that insulated panels that you can have from us at Africhill ‘without a moment to spare’ are conveyed and introduced, ordinarily by a team of four to six talented workers, straightforwardly from the truck onto the working with the final finish already in place.


Quality control: Our talented workers at insulated panels assembling factory play out the equivalent or comparative errands throughout each day with similar devices, under the equivalent controlled conditions. After some time, these laborers turn out to be extremely capable of creating quality insulated panels for on-time conveyance. Then again, items that are made nearby ordinarily have progressively restricted quality control measures set up. These items are likewise increasingly defenseless to delays and quality issues related to unfriendly climate conditions and substandard cement, as they are regularly not delivered in a controlled domain.

Energy efficiency: The insulated panels that you can have from us at Africhill have an elevated thermal mass when contrasted and different less-monstrous materials. Thermal mass is characterized as a property that empowers materials to assimilate, store and later discharge huge measures of warmth. Cement’s natural capacity to retain and store warmth and chilly can defer and decrease crest HVAC loads. This may take into account introductory building cost saving as you can use small capacity HVAC for your cold, freezer rooms and blast freezers.


So, when you require to have such insulated panels do call us at Africhill dialing +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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Latest Model Condensing Unit Are Best Preferred For Residential Or Commercial Refrigeration Systems


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High humidity, elevated air temperatures, and bright sunshine sometimes combine to produce an uncomfortable indoor environment.  Here comes the role of condenser unit for customized cooling units that makes the lifestyle of occupants easier. Condensing units and compressor for refrigeration systems helps to control the air temperature for both comfort and safety in the indoor air quality. Here is why people like to use latest condensing units for their commercial or residential refrigeration systems.


High energy savings potential – The efficiency of any refrigeration systems is often determined by the condensing units attached to it and its operational efficiency. The variable refrigerant flow technology emerged the condensing units as the promising alternative to conventional refrigeration systems for both residential to commercial units. It has the huge energy saving potential for residential and commercial or industrial buildings that are largely untouched in regard to energy efficiency. It will help to cuts the energy consumption by 10% to 35% compared to traditional condensing equipment.


Adaptable to the system’s needs- With the latest condenser unit and compressor for refrigeration systems, one can combine two outdoor units of same or different capacity in parallel by using only one main suction and liquid line. These XJB Series box type condensing units are available in different ranges from 5 to 40 HP capacities. This will not only deliver the required refrigeration capacity but also helpful into third party equipment like open showcases, glass door freezers, and evaporators.


Comfortable for any environment- Advanced XJB series box type condensing units and its condensing technology precisely adapts to the system’s needs. Its low noise feature seems to make less sound, which is perfect for customers and nearby commercial units. The high-grade sound insulation technology on its compressors and the uniquely designed fans limits its operating noise making it ideal for installations in many areas including residential areas. Furthermore, the rigorous test on the assembly line and anti-corrosion treatment ensures a long life even in extreme conditions



Africhill has a good reputation in the international market for supplying specialized assembled cold storage, construction of cold rooms, freezers and all kind of refrigeration equipment. We fulfill the challenge of maintaining high product quality, efficient global technologies and energy efficiency practices to produce international quality condensing units for residential, commercial or institutional facilities. We also aim to find out the best and energy efficient condensing units viable for commercial, residential or industrial units in the global market. For consultation or inquiry call our team at +256-312-283570 or +256-752-653696today!

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The Insulated Panels That Offers Best Of Energy Efficiency


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Energy efficient structure has a wide range of segments: foundation, outside dividers, floor, rooftop, insulation, windows, doors, mechanical frameworks and lighting, which all assume vital jobs in the manner in which energy is devoured. In any case, the center of any EF structure is the plan of the building envelope. Truly, there are wide ranges of systems utilized by designers, architects and building contractors in planning and developing this envelope. A few designs while performing exceptionally well are very costly to fabricate and may take quite a long while before understanding any compensation while a few plans are modest to build; they simply do not execute as guaranteed. The main design of insulated panels that give a definitive in solace and diminish energy utilization for the greatest energy reserve funds is an outline that utilizations of structural insulated panel like those manufactured by us at AFRICHILL.


The qualities of our structural insulated panel

Our insulated panels are used in cold, freezer rooms’ blast freezers and construction industries are made of top quality materials that insure isolation robustness and modern. Our factory has machinery with computerized and continued line equipment that insures quality and mass production of structural insulated panel.

Accurate sealing and stability

Our insulated panels used for insulated structures are made of top-quality pre-fabricated materials. Panels are made of EPS insulators and two-ply polyurethane glued to 0.5mm chromadeck AZ150 plates to guarantee strength and to produce a stable structure. These panels offer a unique tongue-and-groove joining method to ensure accurate sealing and stability. When erected, there are no gaps between panels, thus saving silicon and certificating water-sealed structure sealed structure.


Our firm polyurethane insulated panels can help stabilize the R-value, reducing thermal drift. Reflective foil, if installed properly and facing an open air space, can also act as a radiant barrier. Depending upon the size and orientation of the air space, this can add another R-2 to the overall thermal resistance.

The procedures used in our system for production of insulated panels are continually reviewed and techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary. We ensure our quality system will be a continuously evolving program and one, which is relevant to the company’s organizational aims and goals, as well as meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, have adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement.


We use only EPS insulation due to its strong structural strength. All EPS insulated panels that are manufacture by us is fire retardant. Generally, EPS panels are made with a lot of hand labor, but with the sandwich panel machine that we use it is mostly automatic, computerized and mechanically driven.

So, when you require cold room solutions please do give us at AFRICHILL a call dialing +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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Important Parts of a Cold Storage Room Providing the Best Cold Storage Solution


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Cold storage room is an essential part of any business especially the ones dealing with food products. To keep them fresh for a longer period of time there are various parts of a cold storage that make it work effortlessly.

The important parts are as follows:


The compressors of a cold storage room have compact design and for a wide range of applications. The refrigerant compressor adopts a resourceful condenser and provides full capacity to the condenser of the effect of heat transfer. These adopt an advanced technology and equipment that helps in efficient production that ensures a reliable manufacturing quality and dry filter, liquid screen, solenoid valves, hand valve and electrical control box as per the requirement.


Air-Cooled Condenser

Air-Cooled Condenser has low noise and work smoothly. Condensers make use of independent on / off switch that makes it safe and convenient to use. The fan of the condensers has a waterproof motor and a long life span. The high grade seamless pipe used in these condensers does not corrode easily and hence have a long life. Also, the easy to assemble coil out frame is produced using high quality steel plate which has great strength and is corrosion resistant.


Electronic Control Box

The electronic control boxes can be measured over the level of the liquid, weight and temperature for numerous objects. These boxes have an alarm function for safety.

Cold Storage Door

Cold storage door is an essential part of cold storage solution. The door and the overall framework of the entire closed structure are made using high quality materials. These doors help in absorbing moisture, and avoid of rust. These doors are light weight and have good insulation properties.



Africhill are a renowned name for providing high quality cold rooms in South Africa.

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Ways To Select The Freezer Rooms To Best Suit The Purpose


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Freezer Rooms are structures that are mainly planned to keep the temperature within uniform and cool. They are made up of cooling panels with flexible sizes to promise that there is sufficient space for capacity. You might get puzzled regarding how to select the perfect freezer room. The concerns bothering you maybe like energy efficiency, reliability, capability to keep items at a perfect temperature and to maintain a certain state of cleanliness need to be addressed properly before selecting the right one. When you are with us at Africhill you can be certain that all your specifications can be meet by us.



The Considerations That Need To Be Kept In Mind

There are certain considerations that you need to keep in mind when you intend to have the best freezer room which will satisfy all your needs. We being a renowned manufacturer and supplier of top quality of such ensure that we will offer you the best.

Size: The first consideration that you need to make is the size of the unit that you desire to have. We use modular panels to construct freezer rooms and are pre-manufactured according to the design to reduce installation time and to have it according to the size that you require.


Temperature range: The purpose for which you require the freezer room determines the temperature required. So, you must consider if the one that you are going to have will give you sufficient cooling for the products that you intend to store. The one that we manufacture from chromadek or Zink-Alum steel on both sides and laminated on expanded fire retardant Polystyrene, with a tongue and groove male and female joints ensure structural strength along with maintenance of proper temperature.

Road Freight Alberton

Energy efficiency: You definitely do not want to have a raised energy bill after having such cold rooms. So, you must consider whether the freezer rooms that you intend to have is energy efficient. You can rest assured that our panels and strong and highly energy efficient – saving you money on your utility bills.

We offer you customized cold room solutions for your specific needs, assuring you premium quality products, unmatched service, and affordability.

So, when you require freezer rooms that exactly meets your requirement and is affordable you need to call us at Africhill on +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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5 Options for Commercial Refrigeration Room You Should Know About


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Commercial refrigeration room is more than a necessity for different kinds of businesses, from pubs and fisheries to hotels. The design and functionality of these refrigeration units differ so that they can serve the storage needs of a specific business. Whether you are in food manufacturing, beverage distribution, pharmaceutical, catering or hospitality industry, you need the right kind of refrigeration solution. There are many options in the market of commercial refrigeration and you need to pick up the best based on your requirement as well as budget.


Commercial refrigeration rooms not just come in different styles and sizes, but also from different brands. Thus looking for the right one can often be difficult if you are not sure about which one to order for. Well, choice of a refrigeration room will be fast and easy if you have an expert’s guidance in this matter, but if you are shopping without any technical support, then maybe your consultation with the professional manufacturer will be helpful. So, go ahead and tell them what you expect from the refrigeration room; the way it should look, store, function etc.

Different Options for Commercial Refrigeration Room

The following list tells about different kinds of options you have for commercial refrigeration room.

1. Refrigeration Room in Modular Design:

Considered best for the food industry, these refrigeration rooms use panels and insulation materials to produce ultra-safe storage for the food products. They are built in flat pack format, easy to clean and install – covering as much space as required for commercial usage. You can have them in modular design to freeze at any desired temperature range. These refrigeration rooms can also be perfect for storage of non-edible materials.


2. Refrigeration Room in a Combination (Both Chiller & Freezer):

Combination refrigeration rooms come with combination of a chiller zone (2 C to 12 C) and a freezer zone (down to -22 C). The split of internal temperature zone allows you to enjoy the advantage of a chiller and freezer in a single unit. They can be a worthy kit if you want to store various temperature sensitive food products in one place.

3. Walk-in Refrigeration room:

These are much larger refrigeration rooms with easily accessible storage shelves. You can directly walk in and move inside them. The walk-in refrigeration rooms are suitable for back-store operations (restaurants, supermarkets) and in mass food storage facilities.

4. Industrial chiller:

This refrigeration room is best for catering business which involves uploading large stock of bulky food products and unloading them with a forklift truck. It is not just your staff but also unloading vehicles like the forklift trucks can freely walk inside the room. The refrigeration room seems appropriate for the ice factories and other large industries.

5. The Custom-built or Bespoke Refrigeration room:

The custom-built or bespoke refrigeration rooms are the preference of the business owners. They can be custom planned with all the essential and desired features. You can decide the room size, storage style and capacity based on your specific needs.

The refrigeration room that you select should be well aligned with the operational needs of your business. The available space should be carefully measured before deciding the size of the refrigeration unit. The storage features should be adjusted well within the space so that you can make the most of the refrigeration room.

cold rooms, blast freezers

If you need well-designed refrigeration rooms at competitive rates, consider Africhill – the specialist always ready to meet your expectations with fast class production and delivery beyond Africa. It has been serving the demand for refrigeration of clients by quick processing, timely delivery and professional assistance with installation. No matter you need new installation or replacement of existing refrigeration rooms, ask for help from Africhill now at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or mail at

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Understanding the Working Of Condensing Unit Makes Good Business Sense


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Modern engineered freezing units are well equipped to address today’s regulatory challenges and make the best use of energy. The condensing units are designed to meet the several challenges of commercial refrigeration units. Properly maintaining a cold storage or a freezing unit is an important factor for running it efficiently and ensuring a long operating life. Do you really know what condensing unit, compressor, condensing coil and the fan in condensing Unit means and what their significance! A typical condensing unit or HVAC Unit has three vital elements.




•  Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is usually located outside to act as a heat exchanger, in which it condenses or convert it from its gaseous to a liquid state. Thus the hidden heat is thrown up by the fan and move to the condenser coolant. It is significant to make sure the condensing unit is always clean and clear of any debris. The chief reason is to prevent blockages and to prevent your condensing unit from working harder than normal. Condensing Unit be placed in a shady area so it does not overheat as easily with the hot summer temperatures. It is also recommended that your condensing unit must be placed in the shaded area so it does not overheat with the hot temperatures.

•  Compressor

A compressor basically increases the pressure of the refrigerant to keep the liquid refrigerant moving along in order to keep the area cool. The freezing cycle is regulated by an electric motor that drives the compressor located within the condensing unit. The compressor helps to control the pressure applied to the refrigerant for removing heat to keep your freezing unit cool. Cold room or freezer units are designed to use a compressor that causes pressure changes between two compartments and actively pump the refrigerant around to make the area cool.

•  Condensing Coil

Condenser coil can also consider as one of the most major parts of a cooling unit. It helps in sending the heat carried by the refrigerant to outside. Through the regular running process, this coil will collect dirt and grime due to its overuse. Over a period of time, it will diminish the cold storage unit’s ability to perform its job. A dirty condenser coil in a Condensing unit can experience several issues hence should be taken care of by an expert technical team.

•  Condensing Unit Fan

The condenser unit fan is a blower that discards outdoor air across the condensing coil found in the outdoor condensing unit and helps to cool the refrigerant. Inside the condenser, the refrigerant vapor is compressed and forced through the heat exchange coil that discards the heat previously absorbed from the cold room or freezer units. The condenser’s heat exchanger is generally cooled by a fan blowing outside air through it. If the condensing unit fan is not properly functioned than the compressor itself will shut down or probably damaged due to over pressure or high temperature!





Africhill Is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative refrigeration and insulated structure solutions for industrial, commercial and residential clients. With our skilled technicians, we will offer you the best professional solution and handle your job in no time. We also do new installation, upgrading, replacement service and help you keep your costs down. Please, feel free to contact us on +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today for our services and products!

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Cold Rooms – Enhances Product Storage


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Cold Room – What is it?

We can say it is the larger version of the domestic refrigerators. A cold room controls its internal temperature using refrigerants (like CO2) i.e. it is used to maintain temperature above or below freezing depending upon the storage types. Mostly cold rooms are used in the food preparation industries.

cold storage

Advantages of Cold Rooms:

Temperature Adjustable:

As the cold rooms are temperature modifiable they can be used for various functions. It protects your goods and products from extreme temperatures and changes in weather especially food industry products like fruits, vegetables, meat and so on.

Different Sizes and Shapes:

Cold rooms are available in various sizes and shapes to meet your particular needs. For an instance if you want to store a less amount of food you can get a smaller one but if you need to store bulk amount of fruits or vegetables then a bigger one. So in short, depending upon quantity of the storage you can customize the cold rooms.

Cost effective:

Generally we throw foods that are spoiled which incur loss especially in food business industry. And cold rooms help save money by keeping the spoils to the minimum. You can buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and keep them safe with the help of cold rooms.

These benefits make cold rooms a necessary asset for food industry and all other industries that seek storage.



As the cold storage rooms are quite beneficial for storage of products especially food items incorporating it becomes essential. Africhill in South Africa offers variety of cold rooms according to your requirement.

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The Considerations to Buy The Best Cold Rooms


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If you are in the need to buy Cold Rooms which are robust, consistent and energy-efficient then you have reached the right place. As you read through you will understand why having such Freezer Rooms from us will be the one that you have tried to have.


The considerations to buy the best Cold Rooms:

There are many considerations required when you intend to buy the best of Freezer Rooms. Let us have a look at some of those.

Uniform temperature and space: You must expect to have a uniform temperature and enough storage space inside the cold room that you have. The modular structures that we produce are so designed that you can expect to have a uniform temperature within the structure. This is possible due to the nature of panels that we use for manufacturing the rooms.

Robust construction: The rooms where you have to keep your products cold and safe from climatic changes must be robust in nature. The insulated panels that we use for manufacturing such rooms are made from best quality pre-fabricated materials. They are made of EPS insulators and two-ply polyurethane glued to 0.5mm chromadeck AZ150 plates to guarantee the strength and to produce a stable structure. The structure is not only robust but also waterproof.


There are some other features which you must consider while you intend to have the best of Cold Rooms. The features are:

  • Modular construction that enables quick and easy installation
  • Flexible panel sizes
  • Optimal temperature management over a wide range
  • Have multifunctional settings to suit different products
  • Cam locking- It ensures that walls, ceilings, doors, corners and floors are perfectly aligned
  • Sweep gasket maintains an airtight seal and helps maintain flexibility across temperatures
  • Consists of sliding doors
  • There must be a viewport that will allow you to look inside the cold room without opening the door.

If you consider all of these features then also our products will stand out from the rest. All these features are carefully implemented so that our clients have the best of Freezer Rooms that are available in the market.

You must be certain that the refrigeration units are made using the latest technology available and the degree of insulation is such that the inside does not get affected by outside weather. This is exactly what you can expect to have from our units which we make available to you at a cost-effective price.

The units of ours are manufactured in such a way that they can be easily customized in future when there is a requirement of more space of storage. Such modification will not hamper the refrigeration process of the units by any means.

cheese storage in dairy


Cold Room Manufacturer

If you wish to have such Cold Room solutions then you need to be with Africhill. We are a South Africa based company offering professional solutions for your refrigerator & insulated structure needs. We are delighted to say that we can offer our clients three different kinds of panels. Our team consists of the best professionals in the industry. You can easily have our Freezer Rooms by giving us a call at +27 (0) 11 979 1885. Know more about our affordable and quality products, stay social with us on: Facebook & Twitter.

How To Choose a Condensor Unit for the Refrigeration Room?


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If you own a firm that makes use of a cold room or refrigeration room you may be interested to know what model of Condensing Unit can fit. You need to investigate about various options of refrigeration condensing unit suppliers available in the marketplace. Various ranges of condensing unit also cater to various refrigeration requirements. Let’s understand how to select a proper Condensing unit (CU) for your Refrigeration Room.


1- Space for CU

You must be concerned about the space available for installing the Condensing Unit. Different brands of CU come with different shape and space requirements. Most reputed CU models come with a standardized design. The Compressor and other parts need to be assembled with CU and they need ample of space interms of width, length and height. So always choose to have ample of space for an improved radiation management.

2 –Capacity of the condensing unit

Condensing units come with both compressor and Condenser, Evaporation coils, etc. You must read out the technical features of each unit and their performance. Performance purely depends on how much power they consume, how much heat they radiate, evaporation, temperature, return gas temperature, water temperature etc. in the entire condensation process.


3 – Use of Condensing Unit

Are you going to store beverages, food supplies etc.? So CU must be chosen according to the use. Evaporation of range varies from model to model, size to size of the Condensing unit. Check the Evaporation Range in the technical data sheet and match with your cold storage requirement.

4 – Power Usage

Definitely, saving on the utility has been always a motto.You can find out the input voltage specification of the Condensing Unit and ensure it is supplied with the same for best performance. Analyze the torque of the expansion valve and this needs attention time to time. You must pay attention if the compressor is in the condensing unit has a high starting torque.


Finally, what matters is the design of the compressor, the packaged structure, energy efficiency, installation and maintenance factors, whether you choose a model which support water cooling or indoor or outdoor. Feel free to contact Africhill if you are looking for jaw-dropping deals on top-rated freezer rooms, cold rooms, condensing units and insulated panels.

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