Design Considerations for Cold Storage Room


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Cold storage warehouse, the challenge is to maintain the right cold storage temperature for the products at optimal capacity. With the growth of global frozen foods market majority of the product are being stored in cold storage. Storage is also significant to other industries like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and some high-tech electronics industry. The need for cold storage continues to grow, the strategic solutions for creating more cold storage and its operating costs. The most important use for a Cold Storage is to keep food from spoiling. The Cold Storage has cold temperatures that are set at the accurate degree to keep food cold until it is ready to cook and serve.

While we are concerned about the Cold Storage Rooms it comes in different size and shapes based on customers investment option, business requirement, storage space etc.  Even the Design of the Cold storage unit keeps a lot of meaning for overall operations.

Understand Customer’s Requirement –

The company who installs Refrigeration Rooms or Cold storage rooms must understand the warehouse requirements.  Some key questions to understand these are:


  • Are the storage product is for Local market or international market
  • Are the storage product is a packaged product or raw product to be processed further
  • Are the storage unit is going to be used in small business like restaurant or hotel, store cruise
  • What kind of volume Refrigeration Rooms or Cold storage rooms for daily transactions

Select the Site where Refrigeration Rooms is to be installed

For operational efficiency of the Refrigeration Rooms, the space criteria between storage and processing unit to be managed properly. The entry and exits of the storage room need to be kept at right position and even some space need to be provisioned for future Refrigeration Rooms installations. Some key questions to understand these are:

  • Is the infrastructure as dual power supply
  • Is the facility is surrounded with well-connected roads or rails
  • Is the facility has good water sources connected
  • Will it be able to cater to future storage expansions
  • Can a truck gets into the docking unit of the cold storage room

Size of Storage unit –

Size of storage unit does matter as Cold Storage Room; Refrigeration Room units used by a food store may not be same as that of a Ice-Cream manufacturing unit. Hence based on the size of the business the Cold Storage Room, Refrigeration Room do need a custom design.


Another factor is different product need different temperature & humidity level and hence the sizes do vary to maintain energy efficiency.

Key Components of a Storage unit –

When we talk about design considerations it is important to know what are the Key components in of  Cold Storage Room, Refrigeration Room;

  • Compressor/Condenser
  • Air Conditioner units
  • Humidifier
  • Backup power Generator

Apart from these the storage interior need to have good shelving and racking systems  or mobile racking systems  for efficient goods movement and storage.



It is obvious that when you think of hiring a contractor for your Cold Storage Room, Refrigeration Roomunit, you require preferring a company you can trust to get the job done. At we understand all design and installation unit considerations of the small and large Cold Storage Room, Refrigeration Rooms. Our service include not only just building storage units, but also providing you with its repair and maintenance, new facility construction, fire restoration, roofing systems, reconstruction, remodeling, panel systems, temporary walls, and so much more.  For any service, give a call today at <+27 (0) 11 979 1885, +27 (0) 11 396 2402, +27 (0) 11 396 1379> or mail us at<>

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Going To Purchase A Cold Room? 4 Things To Consider


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The food demand is growing day by day and so on the storage. The cold storage is preferred way to preserve a lot and ideal for liquids, perishable goods. A cod room needs to be have ample of space to have the chiller and freezer, drainage installations, shelves, Entry & Exit doors and easy to maintain feature is a must.

If you’re considering buying a cold room, listed below are the most essential things you’ve to consider prior to making your purchase.


Type of foods to Store:

Obviously, this’s essential, the kind of foods you are planning to store determine the kind of cold room you must invest on. If you’re storing mainly frozen food, then you should consider a walk in freezer. At the same time, if you’re planning to store fresh food, a walk-in refrigerator is your best bet. If you’re undecided or planning to store both frozen & refrigerated foods then you’ve the choice to invest on a combination cold room.

Installation area of Cold Room:

You’ll possibly know how essential it’s to make sure your commercial Cold Room layout fulfills the requirements of your operation. Hence it needs a good bit of space where by the cold room and the manufacturing unit can be established near to each other for a fast movement.

cheese storage in dairy

You must take into account whether you’ve the space to set up a cold room. It’s essential to make sure that you acquire all the right measurements, especially the exterior space of the unit, the exterior space of the unit itself will vary based on the insulation & material employed.

Location of the Cold room:

The positioning of your cold room unit is a vital consideration as refrigeration system can be noisy and hot, so you require ensuring that you’ve a reserved spot for the system. The installation of these also needs a good insulation of its cold coil lining. The devices such as blower and condenser units need to be on top to control the internal temperature. Some facilities like locking from inside and outside of the room is a good safety feature. Sometime a PreFab Cold room can be installed if there is good space.

Cold Room Manufacturer

For any type or size of Cold Rooms you can depend on Africhill. We are the experts when it comes to cold, freezer rooms and blast freezers. With our fast insulating panel manufacturing line, we can handle any scale of project. With all our cold rooms we supply the appropriate amount of angels, channels, flushing, silicone, pop rivets, and fishers.

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How To Maintain Your HVAC Condenser Unit In Top Condition?


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You notice your power bill is shooting again & it is an indicator that it is time for HVAC repair. But, the question here is could you’ve avoided this sort of circumstance? Well, one established procedure for preventing such a situation is to maintain your outdoor condensing unit in tip-top condition.  You must know that the condenser is the most important unit of the HVAC system, and it must be clean for its normal functionality.  Here is how to do so:


Clear the Condenser pan:

This must be the 1st step throughout each upkeep session. Just keep in mind to detach the outdoor HVAC system from the power grid in the first place. It’s wise to put on gloves for eliminating any junk or rubbishes from the unit. You can employ a small vacuum cleaner with a tiny nozzle for extracting fine particles from the foot of the pan.

Clean the Condenser coils:

Usually, the coils in your HVAC unit require cleaning with just plain water. You can employ a garden hose & spray cold water at a medium pressure. However, you shouldn’t employ a pressure washer as it may prompt severe dent to the coil fins, which are pretty thin.


If it is obstinate dirt, you can apply specially made commercial cleaners to the coils. It’s rather caustic & will develop potentially dangerous gases when applied. That’s why you should put on a safety mask, glove and mask when making use of the product and pursue the instructions on the packing strictly.

Reinforcing bent coil fins:

Bending will decrease the volume of exhaust air discharged by the exterior HVAC unit so this problem should be rectified in a timely manner. Because the fan sucks dust, so the fins are heavily surrounded by layers of dust;  Fin-Combing is done to clean the coil. It includes the utilization of a particularly engineered plastic comb. You’ve to run it from the foot up to reinforce the coil fins. This needs care, effort, and accuracy, but the hard-work will pay off for sure.


Don’t forget to Un-plug the Power and the Product manual also gives some good idea about the parts and how to maintain them. The good procedures do look after the outside and inside cleaning of the entire condenser unit.


Last but not the least, if you believe that condenser unit upkeep once two times a year is a tough job which you do not have adequate time for, you must leave it the HVAC experts. Nonetheless, you can’t overlook this very important system component. Africhill can provide you with professional solutions to all your refrigeration and insulated structure needs in South Africa.

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Cold & Freezer Rooms – Stable and Efficient Storage for Large Applications


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Do you need finely built freezer rooms with stacked panels to serve as large storage facility for your application? If you want to preserve the quality of foods and beverages in hotel, restaurants, food stores or supermarkets, then modular freezer room solutions with the benefit of speedy assembly and disassembly are available. The use of cold rooms are many, such as processing units, production rooms, drug and food storage area etc. For all these applications you can have a well insulated and panelized freezer room to fit the exact demands for cold storage.


Modular freezer room solutions are now easily available to address large storage demands of your applications with excellent features such as energy efficiency, low operation cost and low noise. These cold rooms are constructed with either plain or fluted panels in a size perfectly suiting your storage requirement. They just make a large size cold room consisting of easy to assemble and disassemble freezer compartments that would work together as a complete unit and ensure great refrigeration value. With them you don’t have to depend on multiple freezer units as a large insulated floor with mechanical controls, electrical controls and compressors will be at your disposal for ideal storage of scientific test materials, dead bodies, surgical organs, food products and more at low temperatures.


The installation process of modular freezer rooms will be free from on site cutting and all the associated environmental hazards but will surely allow you to enjoy increased fire resistance, better insulation quality, quick on site assembly and reduced maintenance cost.  If your application needs a stable and efficient storage space larger in size than a standard plug in refrigerator with impeccable locking and heating sealing features, then panel built freezer rooms are the ultimate answer. Coming fitted with stacked panels, shelves, hinge doors/split doors, locks and more, they assure to be worthy and effective for warehouses, bakeries, catering agencies, pharmacy suppliers and more. You can order them in any size matching your cold storage requirement.


Ultimate Advantages of Freezer Rooms

. Smooth and efficient operation to preserve your valuable materials and samples.
. Reduction in floor space needed for placing many individual freezers for creating the storage space you want.
. Saves on the building and running of freezer room costs by diffusing less heat from condenser into the room.
. Lowers maintenance expenses due to involvement of a single cold storage system rather than many individual refrigerators.
. Removes the possibility of ice accumulation on floor and shelf.

Africhill specializes in manufacturing prefab buildings, blast freezers, and cold and freezer rooms. It has not only delivered but also installed freezer rooms for diverse applications all across the Africa at competitive rates. To add to your experience with made to order freezer rooms, Africhill can be called or contacted at +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Care


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Commercial refrigeration units are the important business investment. Though these units cost thousands of dollars, keeping them in top working condition is the ultimate necessity to get rid of expensive and time-consuming replacements and new installations. To keep a commercial refrigeration unit up and running, it’s important to implement regular maintenance. Many business owners perform some of the tasks their own; while others are bit complicated and need the help of a professional to repair them.

If you want to make sure the commercial refrigerator works as it should, you need to make the purchase of the right type of system and install it perfectly. Improper purchase or installation can lead to early failure, even if you take care of it properly.


Tips to Consider for Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance –

The commercial refrigeration unit should be checked visually to see whether there are any issues in every three months. Inspect whether there’s any buildup of ice or the fan is spinning properly! If so, then you should get in touch with a professional technician right away!

Other parts of the commercial refrigerator that should be inspected include the condensing unit as well as electrical wiring and components. However, a condenser or a condensing unit is one of the most important parts of any refrigeration system. As its name suggests, the condenser condenses refrigerant vapor and sent it to from the compressor.

In fact, a professional will need to access, check and clean the evaporator coil and the condenser coil as well as blades to make sure a proper operation. Keep in mind that, during the cleaning and inspection process, potential issues might be known before they become much bigger!


Other important aspects of the commercial refrigeration system should be checked to make sure everything is working fine. This includes the door seals which can lead to cooling loss and higher energy bills.

The maintenance of commercial refrigerator can be a bit time-consuming task and can seem like an unnecessary expense several times a year. But it’s just a minor costs and inconvenience that adds to the longevity of a refrigeration unit. If the unit remains unmaintained, it will surely increase electrical consumption, fail necessary components and shorten the lifespan of the unit significantly. By keeping the system well-maintained, a business owner can save thousands over the long-term.

Conclusion –

If you’re thinking to start a business and want to install walk-in commercial refrigeration unit, consider discussing the requirements of condensing unit with Africhill; if you really need a profitable investment on your business. Feel free to get in touch with us today and let us know about your needs clearly beforehand.

For more information about our products and their specifications, browse through our website today!

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Top 7 Important Things to Know About a Walk-in Freezer


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Running a catering business needs you to have a good quality food storage system. Hence, you need to make sure that you find the perfect solution that increases the shelf life of your inventory. However, using walk-in freezer can help you out as it has enough space to accommodate all the food in safe condition.

However, a walk-in freezer is a relatively large and important purchase for restaurateurs and store owners alike. All of its equipments are costly that should be examined perfectly while choosing the right one. Here are some of the important benefits of choosing walk-in freezer you should consider:

1. Kitchen Applications –

Walk-in freezers are generally used to freeze raw and cooked foodstuffs for daily production and inventory preservation purposes.

2. Customization –

Walk-in freezers are manufactured in standard sizes and can be customized for built to supermarkets and kitchens. They can be set up inside or outside the building, manufactured with or without floors and may comprise in-place or remote condensers.

3. Unique Features and Technology –

an air circulation system allows walk-ins to draw in cold outside air when the exterior temperature is colder than the interior temperature. Besides, the pressure relief valve is designed to eliminate the slight vacuum created when warm air entering a walk-in whereas it expands when the door is closed that make it quite difficult for staff to open a unit.

4. Temperature Range –

Freezers are typically set to maintain an interior temperature of -10°F. However, different units have their own temperature controls.

5. Maintenance –

Walk-in cold storage systems need proper airflow and ventilated areas and regular cleaning of condenser coils by  a certified technician. However, the exterior is manufactured from stainless steel; which can be durable and easiest to maintain. Compressor or condensing unit can be accessible easily and multiple remote units should be combined together to ensure ease maintenance and servicing.

6. Space –

When buying a walk-in freezer, you should know the size of the room you are going to keep the freezers in. There must be enough space to move around so that it can be quite easy to reach the freezer. You will also able to carry on with work as you don’t need to deal with the space issues.

7. Safety –

The freezer room will keep all the food in safe condition until you are ready to cook it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything about the food going bad before being used. This way you can save money as you will not need to keep replacing the food that has gone bad and will ultimately keep in a safe manner.

Conclusion –

Africhill specializes in supplying and manufacturing superior quality cold rooms, freezer rooms, insulated panels, condensing units and blower coils to the African regions. Thinking about our client;s needs, we assure you of providing the best products and services at reasonable costs every time you make the purchase. We are industry leaders at manufacturing and designing custom sized blast freezer and freezer rooms across South Africa. Hence, you should buy custom made freezer rooms from Africhill and get maximum performance and efficiency for more years to come!

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Tips to Buy a Well Built and Customized Cold Room for your Business


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Are you aware about the importance of cold storage room for a business? Whether you are running a restaurant, food storage unit or the winery, the cold storage rooms will prove to be an ideal way to keep your goods or food products in a temperature controlled environment. In every sector of business like agriculture, food industry, chemical industry, plastic industry and more, cold storage rooms are found to be a great blessing.

Cold storage rooms can be customized in different forms like walk-in cold storage rooms, industrial cold storage rooms, combined cold storage rooms and modular cold storage rooms. When the cold storage rooms are built with proper insulation (like standard sized panels, floor, ceiling and walls), then you will be able to enjoy the best refrigeration solutions.

Do you want to buy a right type of customized cold storage room? Then here are some useful tips that will help you in taking the right decision to buy a top quality and custom cold storage room:

1- Consider your Business Requirements:

You will find there are different types of cold rooms available in the market. This makes it important to consider your business requirements before making the purchase.

For large scale or commercial refrigeration solution- Modular cold storage rooms are the best option, which can freeze or chill at any temperature.

To get a separate freezer and chiller room- Opt for the Combi cold storage rooms

For storing large quantities of goods- You can consider the industrial Freezer storage rooms that will provide a vehicle access (if required).

2- Check Out the Total Space:

Before installing or placing the cold storage room at your business place, it is important to check the total space required. This will make the process easier and convenient to decide and buy a well built  cold storage room as per your requirement. You need to get take the right measurements of the area required to install or place the cold storage at your business place, which will help in customizing a suitable cold storage room.

3- Take in Account your Storage Requirements:

You should get your cold storage room built by taking into consideration your storage requirements. It is important to know what amount or quantity of products, to be stored in the cold storage room. If required, then you can also ask the manufacturer to build the cold room with proper shelves or pallet racking, which will help in enjoying the benefits of functional and a highly efficient cold storage room.

You can buy a well built and customized cold room from Africhill. Based in South Africa, we are the world leaders in manufacturing a wide variety of cold rooms that will prove to be efficient and offer the highest level of refrigeration solution. Our highly skilled team of professionals has great years of experience in designing and manufacturing top quality cold storage units. If you want to boost your production standard and enjoy top quality refrigeration solution, then Africill will prove to be the right destination.

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Top Important facts To Know About Cold Rooms In South Africa


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There is an availability of so many different varieties of businesses that need the use of a cold room. Businesses like restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, florists, catering companies or research laboratories use cold room on a day-today basis. Each and every business have different needs for their freezer room. For instance, a hotel or a restaurant may need a big freezer to keep food for longer time period, while a laboratory may need the unit to store only a few samples in a smaller space.

What Exactly Does a Cold Room: – A cold room is designed specifically to suit your needs so that you won’t need to spend more money on the space you don’t need. Cold rooms can be customized in almost any shape and size you require for the space..

Benefits Of Adding Modular Panels: –

  • Once your business starts to grow, you may need more cold room space. Hence, it’s highly recommended to choose cold rooms with modular panels through which the room can be expanded easily.
  • This means if you have shortage of space and want to expand, the costs can be still manageable. Rather than making a purchase of a new cold room, you can add a few more modular panels to the existing one.
  • All modular panels are manufactured inside the factory and are assembled at a quick pace on-site. Thus, the construction process can’t be delayed due to bad weather conditions.
  • The length of insulated freezer panels varies from 2.4 to 6 meters. So no matter whatever your needs regarding the length of the panels, they can be obtained.

Buying Cold Rooms For Your Needs: – If you are looking to buy a cold room with insulated panels, then Africhill can be the best source for your needs. If you want to use your hands, place an order of Do-It-Yourself kit of cold room on Africhill. All you need to do is to fit the insulated panels and install the refrigeration unit. Due to the well-designed structure, the panels don’t need any silicon or glue to attach together and the refrigeration unit only needs to be plugged in for its operation. Keep in mind that all our cold room solutions come with a good warranty and support. No matter what, you can’t go wrong with our refrigeration rooms. With Africhill, you can build a cold room specifically for your needs, expand your existing room or can construct on your own. A simple, easy-to-operate and efficient cold storage room of Africhill won’t be difficult to install or cost fortune! For more information, click through the website now or feel free to contact us online!

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Four Things to Consider When Buying A Commercial Freezer For Your Catering Business


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It really takes a lot of planning and considerations when you’re all set ready to open a food-associated catering business. One most vital element in your catering business is having the appropriate commercial catering freezer. It’s a fact that freezers are vital to the food catering industry to keep foods fresh and healthy for some time.

In a food catering business, regardless of the kind of meal you cater, you’ll always have the requirement of a refrigerator unit to store different foods at the most favorable temperature.

While the main purpose of purchasing a freezer is to keep food fresh for a long time, you must think cautiously while purchasing such costly items. In the beginning stage, while you’re thinking to buy a commercial catering freezer, you must ask yourself these below mentioned questions:

  • First of all, you must inquire yourself what kind of freezer do you require. There’re many manufacturers that supply a great array of commercial refrigeration gadgets including catering freezers, serve over the counters, commercial refrigeration filing cabinet & counters, back bar coolers, ice-machines, and glass door freezers to select from. Be clear regarding what kind of freezer you require for your catering business.
  • In second, be certain regarding the accessible room you own. As commercial catering refrigeration units avail in a variety of sizes, the options you’ve might be significantly decreased based on how much area you can afford once it has been fitted.
  • In third, make a decision how much of your menu holds frozen food. If your menu has most of the major items that are frozen, you have to settle on how large your commercial freezer should be, not to say the style of the refrigerator you’ll need.
  • In fourth, make up your mind, whether you wish to purchase a brand new commercial refrigerator or a second hand. One main cause why people favor to purchase used freezer of any type is because of the affordable price ticket. Though saving cash is great, a second hand catering refrigerator will rarely come with any warranty or after-sales service from the seller.

Last but not the least; don’t negotiate with the quality when it comes to buying a commercial freezer for your catering business because it will be all about the repute of your business.

For quality yet affordable freezer rooms contact Africhill – your one-stop shop for freezer rooms and blast freezers in the entire African region. For more information about our service, visit For any help, reach us at +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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Top Benefits Of Using Cold Storage Units


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Do you need a cold storage for your restaurant, food storage unit or winery? In fact, cold storage rooms can be an ideal alternative to keep your goods or food items in a cool or temperature controlled environment. No matter whatever your needs may be, you should look out for a good cold storage unit to prevent the food items from deterioration.

However, there’s an availability of so many options for you to choose from, like blast freezers, walk-in freezer rooms and cold storage facilities. Read on to find out more about the benefits of cold storage rooms:


Cold Storage Units Have Multiple Applications For a Wide Range of Use.

As the cold storage rooms can have an ultimate ability of temperature controlling, so they can be used for a wide array of functions. Just you need to adjust the temperature settings and the cold storage unit will be immediately converted into a drying room or blast freezer. However, you need to maintain a constant temperature and prevent the product deterioration or use the unit for dehumidification. Though, they’re tightly sealed and temperature is maintained at a constant range, you can be sure of protecting your foods and other items related to the food industry in an extreme weather condition.

Cold Storage Rooms Offer Adjustable Temperature Control.

With the easy temperature control functionality, you can adjust the cool storage rooms. Although, the rooms are fully sealed, insulated and monitored, you can rely on them to maintain the temperature setting as per your choice, no matter whatever the outside temperature. With the temperature control panel, it’s quite easy to change the setting. You just simply choose a specific temperature of your choice and leave the cold storage unit to take care of the rest!


Cold Storage Units Are Available In Customizable Settings and Sizes.

After all, your goods or products may certainly need a specific storage solution in terms of shape, size or temperature requirements. Fortunately, the cold storage units come up with customizable facilities, so that you can make necessary changes to accommodate your specific food products or supplies. Simply, let the manufacturer know about what you need and they can adjust your cold storage requirements as required.

Choose Africhill Cold Storage Rooms For Your Needs.

Africhill is a premier name in the cold storage industry, providing a wide array of solutions to go beyond the expectations of clients. Our team of professionals has years of experience and excellence in designing and manufacturing cold storage rooms, blast freezers, insulation panels (plain and fluted), evaporator blower coils, cold room doors (sliding and hinge) and other associated components for your use in different applications. No matter whether you want to install or replace cold storage panels or refrigeration units, we can help you out and provide a superior level of service to boost the performance of your cooling and freezing system. Check out the selections available for cold storage rooms at Africhill and buy the best one for your restaurant, winery, food storage unit or a milk cooling tank!

cold rooms, blast freezers

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