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Cold room is essential and important equipment needed in every sector of business. These cold rooms provide the right and adequate temperature for the stored items. It ensures the safety standard of your goods and limits the wastage of products. Cold rooms are used in agriculture, food industry, plastic industry, chemical industry, medicinal purpose, horticulture and floriculture. You can choose to set the temperature of the cold room to be chilled or frozen.

insulated panelsThe industrial cold rooms are used for storing large quantity of products which are accessed by vehicles for bringing them in or taking them out. The walk-in cold rooms provide you to access the goods stored. It ensures that the goods are not left unattended. It helps in minimizing the wastage of material and enhances your business. Combined cold rooms are divided into two sections .First chamber leads you to the chiller area then the second chamber inside that leads you to the frozen zone. These take a less space for storage. Modular cold rooms are used for large scale purpose or for commercial purpose. These cold rooms are built up of standard sized panels, the floor, ceiling and walls can be easily locked together to create a refrigeration room tailored to specific needs and to suit the space the customer provides. These are used for food storage, flower, and chemical and laboratory storage. These room freeze and chill at any temperature.

Check out that your cold room is highly insulated; as a proper and thicker insulation manages the amount of heat inside the cold room, which is very much essential. Your cold room manufacturer should be an expert in this field. They should be certified and insured. They should do the site survey and provide you the installation service. . Africhill is the best cold room manufacturer, associated with various big projects for decades in Kempton Park Gauteng, South Africa. They manufacture Insulated Panels of EPS .i.e. expanded polystyrene as a core and coated on both sides with generally 0.5mm to 0.8mm chromadeck steel or Zinc alum. EPS panels that are manufactured are fire retardant.