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To fulfill the demand of global food trade, the cold storage industries have expanded themselves on a global basis. In an agricultural trade perishable foods are the largest and considered as most profitable. It is required to keep these foods healthier and fresh and for this purpose the cold storage is very much a need. With the rise of frozen and refrigerated food categories and for both the retail and food service industries, the cold storage has become the first preference to all kinds of global trade.

Icecream WadevilleTo meet the expectations, refrigerated warehouses are offering more specialized and individualized services to the food manufacturing industry. When goods are transported in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft, there is a possibility of wastage or damage at the time of import and export. For this, many businesses are turning and relying on cold chain technology to ensure that the shipments are not compromised during transport.

Moving beyond the traditional freezer unit, the cold storage industry is coming up with quality warehouse facilities which offer individualized value added services to succeed in the competitive market. Refrigerated warehousing companies are making it convenient, cost effective and provide consolidating services to their clients. These are not considered only for storage but are referred for receiving fresh products.

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