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If you have been running an industry from many years then you must be known to the need of cold storage. Whether it is a large scale industry or a small one, refrigeration is very much necessary to keep your product or raw material in upkeep condition.   Certain goods are their which need to be kept in cold condition to ensure its longevity. So it is vital to construct a temperature controlled storage place in your industry. Listed below are some businesses or industries where refrigeration is very much required.

Refrigeration and Phase Changes

  • Pharmaceutical  

Several drugs are there which need to be cold condition to upkeep its medicinal value. Otherwise these drugs would be damaged or will not cure diseases the way it should. Some injections like anesthesia and penicillin has to be kept in cold storage. Therefore refrigeration is necessary in pharmaceutical industry.

  • Food

Refrigeration in this industry in must, as prepared food has to be kept in cold to condition to increase its life. Frozen food makers and bakery also require cold storage to keep their product chilled. Baked food and deserts also need cold storage to be in good condition.

  • Beverage

This industry also needs refrigeration to store soft drinks, tonic drink and energy drink. These drinks will be in good condition if not kept chilled but will lose its actual taste after some time. So temperature controlled storage is really necessary in this industry.

  • Breweries and distilleries

Everybody likes to drink bear or other alcoholic drinks chilled because it tastes best in that condition. So these product needs to be cold condition to keep its taste same when produced. Breweries and distilleries generally require bigger cold storage to meet their storage requirement.

  • Confectioneries

Sweets and chocolate industry also requires cold storage as chocolate and caramels stay better in cold storage. Pure chocolate generally melts in warm environment and need to be in refrigerator.


If you have any of these industries then it is necessary for you to have a cold storage. Please visit our website http://www.aboard.co.za/refrigeration.html to install refrigeration unit in your industry.