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Cooling system is very much essential for your workplace which is equipped with different electrical or electronic components that generates a high amount of heat; results in heating up the atmosphere to an unbearable level. With a proper air conditioning you can ensure that the work environment is safe for employees and workers.

Commercial Air Conditioning service

Workplaces consisting of a large number of workers, equipments or machineries that generate heat, utility of any chemical substances, etc, require commercial air conditioning that will remove the heat, circulate fresh air as well as remove stuffy gases out and also helps in order to get best out of your investment.

The advanced technology such as ductless or split air conditioning is considered as modern day cooling solutions. Here the cooling unit and condenser are located far away from the room and placed on roof tops. A thermostat controls the cooling system and provides the room with required temperature.

Besides this many other cooling technologies or air conditioning ways that are available such as:

Air Cooled Technology: The cooling systems using this technology have a convenient ductless set up and easy to maintain which makes these systems used widely. It has the condenser unit outside that helps in exchanging fresh air and removing hot air from inside the room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlycol Cooled Technology: The cooling system that uses this technology is considered much sophisticated in which temperatures below fifty Degree Fahrenheit or ten Degree Celsius can be achieved. These cooling systems can provide cooling for multiple work spaces with a single condenser unit. Here glycol is used as the coolant and it is important to consider the quantity as well as the quality of it.

Water Cooled Technology: The water is cooled inside a cooling system or tower which in turn is relayed back to heat exchanger placed in the work environment. These cooling systems can cool multiple work spaces but requires a proper maintenance and optimum quality of water.

Chilled Water Technology: With this technology the cooling systems achieves great heat removing capacity. The chilled water is pumped through an air handler that captures heat from the air, and then disperses it throughout the room or space leaving it cool.

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