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Cold storage applications (in form of cold rooms, blast freezers, etc,) is used in various retail and wholesale industry requires insulated panels for getting maximum thermal insulation compared to any other building materials. Insulated panels make your cold room energy efficient that results in saving cost on rising energy bills. Africhill one of the best manufacturers of cold rooms uses EPS insulated panels for designing or installing or building a cold room or cold storage applications as per your requirement.

EPS insulated panelssuperior quality of insulated panels

We use expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation technique in manufacturing insulated panels that are used in building or constructing roofing panels, wall cladding, flooring and ceilings of various cold storage applications such as cold storage warehouses, portable cold rooms, walk-in cold rooms, refrigerated containers, etc. Our EPS insulated panels are lightweight, durable and have stability which can be easily assemble, dismantle and then can reassemble again; this will give you a minimum material wastage. You will find our non-toxic and environmental friendly insulated panel will efficiently provide wide range of temperature control.

cold rooms, blast freezers

You will get clean and hygiene cold storage as these insulated panels do not allow mould and mildew grow on them as there is no chance of condensation on walls or roof panels. The indoor air quality of cold storage is perfectly maintained as insulated panels ensures the structure is built airtight which results in improving the indoor air quality making it free from contaminants and allergens. You will get superior quality of insulated panels manufactured by Africhill for your required cold storage solution.