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Basically, condensing unit is a high side assembly of a whole refrigeration system. These units are temperature-control devices used in refrigerators, heat pumps, air conditioners and chillers. A condensing unit is an assembly of condenser, compressor, electronic controls, mounting plate, motor, pump and coils. It has the function of a heat exchanger to condensate and cool down the incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid and a fan for blowing outside air through the air exchanger section to cool down the refrigerants.evaporator-blower-coils-img1

In the working process of a condensing unit, condensers apply pressure to gas until it becomes a liquid out as heat. Then it will circulate the cooled liquid through a closed system, where it absorbs heat as it returns to the compressor. All condensers are heat exchangers. A fan inside a condensing unit force air over the metal coils to cool areas, outbound from the condenser, or it is ventilated on the warm side. In air conditioner condensing units, it first condenses the refrigerant vapor into a liquid form. Then a compressor creates a steady flow of liquid refrigerant, where it moves along inside the metal coils. Then a fan or blower blasts out the cold air created form the cooling effects of the flowing refrigerant liquid.

Condensers range in size from small units used in water foundation and refrigerators to huge machines used for cold storages and air conditioning systems of large building. Condensing units facilitate working and living in areas that were once considered as uninhabitable. Its refrigeration properties are used to extend the life of perishable food.

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