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Whether it is a hospital, restaurant, catering or any food service industries, getting quality commercial refrigeration is essential. While purchasing food products in bulk or via wholesale it is required to have adequate storage, which can be fulfilled with a walk-in cold storage that will prove to be effective in carefully preserving those items. It is considered that a walk-in cold storage should be built with top quality condensing units and insulated panels to offer best results in maintaining food safety, freshness and flavor.


Use of walk-in cold storage:

  • Retail store
  • Cafes
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Clubs and Resorts

Benefits of a high quality refrigeration or storage solution- walk-in cold storage unit:

Flexibility in Storage Space:

You can suitably choose to get a desired size your walk-in cold storage unit as per the storage requirements that will offer ample of storage space for your goods. Getting a plenty of storage space will help in spending less time in restocking, which will result in saving the unnecessary money expenditure.

Effective Refrigeration:

With a good condensing units and top quality insulated panels, your walk-in cold storage unit will have tight seals and temperature regulation controls, which will offer best refrigeration solution. In a temperature controlled environment of a walk-in storage unit, you can maintain freshness of your goods and products for a long period of time.

Offers Good Access:

It will be easy in accessing or finding the goods and products stored in a walk-in storage space, for which most of the cafes and restaurants have included walk-in storage as a profitable factor. This also ensures your goods or products are accessed and used in the right time without causing any wastage.

proj_26_02_thumbSecured Features:

Built with highly insulated panels, a walk-in cold storage will prove to be a secured storage in keeping your goods and products safe from pests and rodents. Walk-in cold storage units built with EPS insulated panels will not allow growth of mould and mildew as well as an efficient condensing unit will help in improving indoor air quality making it free from contaminants and allergens.

We are known to be industry experts in creating custom cold storage units as well as offers best quality insulated panels for all cold rooms and wide variety of advanced condensing units.

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