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Cold room makers are refrigeration professionals supplying large volume of refrigerators and freezers to industrial and commercial food processing industry if all types, including hotels, restaurant, medicals and commercial kitchens. A cold room is, basically, a walk-in freezer or refrigerator which can hold a large volume of food or unpreserved non-food stock at balanced temperatures.

Choosing a cold room manufacturer is a crucial choice, since the refrigerator you pick could be with you for ten to twenty years. So it’s essential to consider not only the size and price of your cold room, but also to inquire these 5 questions:

Do they produce on a large volume?

Large volume manufacturing units aid to keep the cost down, offering you a superior ticket price. Adequate stocks also mean you don’t have to wait too long for your cold room to be assembled, helping you get up and running more swiftly. Look for a supplier who operate nationally and are large enough to have their own large-scale production plants.

Do they provide the full range of cold & freezer rooms?

Every food associated business has somewhat different requirements in terms of heat ranges needed, the volume of supply to be served for and size of parcels to be stored. Only makers who offer the complete range of feasible solutions can aid you choose exactly the perfect size and kind of cold or freezer room to meet your requirements. Always look for a supplier who offers all 3 standard temperature varieties: Chiller (+2 to +12C), Medium (-2 to +5C) and Freezer (-18 to -22C).

Do they build in safety acquiescence as standard?

Having a cold or freezer room is a lot more than just keeping the foodstuff chilled.  In fact, it’s a crucial segment of keeping your business acquiescent with food safety convention. You also wish to be certain that staff utilizing the room won’t be fortuitously fixed inside. Manufacturers that build in acquiescence features like observing, recording and user safety as standard must be your first priority.

Do they offer a comprehensive site survey & installation service?

Do they offer a comprehensive site survey and fitting service? Setting up a cold or freezer room is something which requires to be accomplished right at the first attempt. Look for a manufacturer who’ll help you in picking the appropriate product and who’ll visit your site to verify for any issues before installation. This is the finest means to make sure you’ve the perfect solutions for your requirements. It also signifies you find a turnkey solution which’s prepared to use once it’s installed.

Do they offer a good warranty?

Any food retail business relies seriously on its cold room and other gadgets to keep functioning on a regular basis. A non-functioning freezer room means closing the business and losing some important revenue. So it’s important that your selected solution is supported by a firm warranty. Look for a manufacturer who provides at least two years warranty and who’ve a network of engineers in place who’ve precise training in that supplier’s products.

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