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Do you need a cold storage for your restaurant, food storage unit or winery? In fact, cold storage rooms can be an ideal alternative to keep your goods or food items in a cool or temperature controlled environment. No matter whatever your needs may be, you should look out for a good cold storage unit to prevent the food items from deterioration.

However, there’s an availability of so many options for you to choose from, like blast freezers, walk-in freezer rooms and cold storage facilities. Read on to find out more about the benefits of cold storage rooms:


Cold Storage Units Have Multiple Applications For a Wide Range of Use.

As the cold storage rooms can have an ultimate ability of temperature controlling, so they can be used for a wide array of functions. Just you need to adjust the temperature settings and the cold storage unit will be immediately converted into a drying room or blast freezer. However, you need to maintain a constant temperature and prevent the product deterioration or use the unit for dehumidification. Though, they’re tightly sealed and temperature is maintained at a constant range, you can be sure of protecting your foods and other items related to the food industry in an extreme weather condition.

Cold Storage Rooms Offer Adjustable Temperature Control.

With the easy temperature control functionality, you can adjust the cool storage rooms. Although, the rooms are fully sealed, insulated and monitored, you can rely on them to maintain the temperature setting as per your choice, no matter whatever the outside temperature. With the temperature control panel, it’s quite easy to change the setting. You just simply choose a specific temperature of your choice and leave the cold storage unit to take care of the rest!


Cold Storage Units Are Available In Customizable Settings and Sizes.

After all, your goods or products may certainly need a specific storage solution in terms of shape, size or temperature requirements. Fortunately, the cold storage units come up with customizable facilities, so that you can make necessary changes to accommodate your specific food products or supplies. Simply, let the manufacturer know about what you need and they can adjust your cold storage requirements as required.

Choose Africhill Cold Storage Rooms For Your Needs.

Africhill is a premier name in the cold storage industry, providing a wide array of solutions to go beyond the expectations of clients. Our team of professionals has years of experience and excellence in designing and manufacturing cold storage rooms, blast freezers, insulation panels (plain and fluted), evaporator blower coils, cold room doors (sliding and hinge) and other associated components for your use in different applications. No matter whether you want to install or replace cold storage panels or refrigeration units, we can help you out and provide a superior level of service to boost the performance of your cooling and freezing system. Check out the selections available for cold storage rooms at Africhill and buy the best one for your restaurant, winery, food storage unit or a milk cooling tank!

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