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Running a catering business needs you to have a good quality food storage system. Hence, you need to make sure that you find the perfect solution that increases the shelf life of your inventory. However, using walk-in freezer can help you out as it has enough space to accommodate all the food in safe condition.

However, a walk-in freezer is a relatively large and important purchase for restaurateurs and store owners alike. All of its equipments are costly that should be examined perfectly while choosing the right one. Here are some of the important benefits of choosing walk-in freezer you should consider:

1. Kitchen Applications –

Walk-in freezers are generally used to freeze raw and cooked foodstuffs for daily production and inventory preservation purposes.

2. Customization –

Walk-in freezers are manufactured in standard sizes and can be customized for built to supermarkets and kitchens. They can be set up inside or outside the building, manufactured with or without floors and may comprise in-place or remote condensers.

3. Unique Features and Technology –

an air circulation system allows walk-ins to draw in cold outside air when the exterior temperature is colder than the interior temperature. Besides, the pressure relief valve is designed to eliminate the slight vacuum created when warm air entering a walk-in whereas it expands when the door is closed that make it quite difficult for staff to open a unit.

4. Temperature Range –

Freezers are typically set to maintain an interior temperature of -10°F. However, different units have their own temperature controls.

5. Maintenance –

Walk-in cold storage systems need proper airflow and ventilated areas and regular cleaning of condenser coils by  a certified technician. However, the exterior is manufactured from stainless steel; which can be durable and easiest to maintain. Compressor or condensing unit can be accessible easily and multiple remote units should be combined together to ensure ease maintenance and servicing.

6. Space –

When buying a walk-in freezer, you should know the size of the room you are going to keep the freezers in. There must be enough space to move around so that it can be quite easy to reach the freezer. You will also able to carry on with work as you don’t need to deal with the space issues.

7. Safety –

The freezer room will keep all the food in safe condition until you are ready to cook it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything about the food going bad before being used. This way you can save money as you will not need to keep replacing the food that has gone bad and will ultimately keep in a safe manner.

Conclusion –

Africhill specializes in supplying and manufacturing superior quality cold rooms, freezer rooms, insulated panels, condensing units and blower coils to the African regions. Thinking about our client;s needs, we assure you of providing the best products and services at reasonable costs every time you make the purchase. We are industry leaders at manufacturing and designing custom sized blast freezer and freezer rooms across South Africa. Hence, you should buy custom made freezer rooms from Africhill and get maximum performance and efficiency for more years to come!

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