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Do you need finely built freezer rooms with stacked panels to serve as large storage facility for your application? If you want to preserve the quality of foods and beverages in hotel, restaurants, food stores or supermarkets, then modular freezer room solutions with the benefit of speedy assembly and disassembly are available. The use of cold rooms are many, such as processing units, production rooms, drug and food storage area etc. For all these applications you can have a well insulated and panelized freezer room to fit the exact demands for cold storage.


Modular freezer room solutions are now easily available to address large storage demands of your applications with excellent features such as energy efficiency, low operation cost and low noise. These cold rooms are constructed with either plain or fluted panels in a size perfectly suiting your storage requirement. They just make a large size cold room consisting of easy to assemble and disassemble freezer compartments that would work together as a complete unit and ensure great refrigeration value. With them you don’t have to depend on multiple freezer units as a large insulated floor with mechanical controls, electrical controls and compressors will be at your disposal for ideal storage of scientific test materials, dead bodies, surgical organs, food products and more at low temperatures.


The installation process of modular freezer rooms will be free from on site cutting and all the associated environmental hazards but will surely allow you to enjoy increased fire resistance, better insulation quality, quick on site assembly and reduced maintenance cost.  If your application needs a stable and efficient storage space larger in size than a standard plug in refrigerator with impeccable locking and heating sealing features, then panel built freezer rooms are the ultimate answer. Coming fitted with stacked panels, shelves, hinge doors/split doors, locks and more, they assure to be worthy and effective for warehouses, bakeries, catering agencies, pharmacy suppliers and more. You can order them in any size matching your cold storage requirement.


Ultimate Advantages of Freezer Rooms

. Smooth and efficient operation to preserve your valuable materials and samples.
. Reduction in floor space needed for placing many individual freezers for creating the storage space you want.
. Saves on the building and running of freezer room costs by diffusing less heat from condenser into the room.
. Lowers maintenance expenses due to involvement of a single cold storage system rather than many individual refrigerators.
. Removes the possibility of ice accumulation on floor and shelf.

Africhill specializes in manufacturing prefab buildings, blast freezers, and cold and freezer rooms. It has not only delivered but also installed freezer rooms for diverse applications all across the Africa at competitive rates. To add to your experience with made to order freezer rooms, Africhill can be called or contacted at +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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