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The food demand is growing day by day and so on the storage. The cold storage is preferred way to preserve a lot and ideal for liquids, perishable goods. A cod room needs to be have ample of space to have the chiller and freezer, drainage installations, shelves, Entry & Exit doors and easy to maintain feature is a must.

If you’re considering buying a cold room, listed below are the most essential things you’ve to consider prior to making your purchase.


Type of foods to Store:

Obviously, this’s essential, the kind of foods you are planning to store determine the kind of cold room you must invest on. If you’re storing mainly frozen food, then you should consider a walk in freezer. At the same time, if you’re planning to store fresh food, a walk-in refrigerator is your best bet. If you’re undecided or planning to store both frozen & refrigerated foods then you’ve the choice to invest on a combination cold room.

Installation area of Cold Room:

You’ll possibly know how essential it’s to make sure your commercial Cold Room layout fulfills the requirements of your operation. Hence it needs a good bit of space where by the cold room and the manufacturing unit can be established near to each other for a fast movement.

cheese storage in dairy

You must take into account whether you’ve the space to set up a cold room. It’s essential to make sure that you acquire all the right measurements, especially the exterior space of the unit, the exterior space of the unit itself will vary based on the insulation & material employed.

Location of the Cold room:

The positioning of your cold room unit is a vital consideration as refrigeration system can be noisy and hot, so you require ensuring that you’ve a reserved spot for the system. The installation of these also needs a good insulation of its cold coil lining. The devices such as blower and condenser units need to be on top to control the internal temperature. Some facilities like locking from inside and outside of the room is a good safety feature. Sometime a PreFab Cold room can be installed if there is good space.

Cold Room Manufacturer

For any type or size of Cold Rooms you can depend on Africhill. We are the experts when it comes to cold, freezer rooms and blast freezers. With our fast insulating panel manufacturing line, we can handle any scale of project. With all our cold rooms we supply the appropriate amount of angels, channels, flushing, silicone, pop rivets, and fishers.

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