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Freezer rooms are essential part of catering industry and crucial for the businesses that are dealing with foodstuff or any type of perishable item. Are you planning to buy a freezer room as a cold appliance for your business? Do you want to make the right purchase?

Here are some important tips to consider for buying a top quality and well-built freezer room, please have a look!


What is the freezer type that you need?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is “what type of freezer you need”. A competent manufacturer specializes in providing different types of the freezer or cold rooms as per the customer’s requirement. Whether it is a walk-in freezer or simple cold room, make sure to keep in mind your requirements to get the right one. You can consider freezer or cold rooms with motor, standalone freezer or cold room or commercial freezer rooms based on the shelving and storage capacity.

How much space is available in your business place for installation?

Remember that after buying a freezer or cold room, you need to install it at your business place. This makes it important for considering the space available for installation before ordering or buying the freezer room. You need to check the total space and gauge the area required to install the new cold appliance before finalizing your purchase decision.

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What should be the storage space of your freezer?

Are you buying the commercial cold appliance or freezer room for keeping bulk things or a few things? You must decide that storage space required to preserve and the number of things you want to store before buying or ordering a freezer or cold room. A reputable manufacturer of the freezer or cold rooms will help you make the right purchase by providing the options of different sizes and designs that suits your requirement.

Consider the Features of your freezer or cold room:

You must look for the features that meet your exact storage requirements to get a top quality freezer or cold room. It is important to consider some features like a freezer or cold room with adjustable thermostat, auto defrost function, shelves, the fixtures or movable trays as per your requirement and purpose.

Is buying a freezer or cold room economical?

Buying a freezer or cold room will serve to store and preserve the perishable items in a cost-effective and efficient way. This makes it the best buy! Apart from that make sure to check the energy ratings of the freezer or cold room to ensure whether it is economic or not.


Remember a product with high energy rating is approved to consume less energy consumption.

Where to buy a top quality and well-built freezer room?

Simply rely on Africhill! We take the pride of being rated as one of the world’s leading freezer room or cold room manufacturers and suppliers. Based in South Africa, we are competent enough in manufacturing and supplying different types of cold storages nationally and internationally to various businesses across the globe.

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