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If you own a firm that makes use of a cold room or refrigeration room you may be interested to know what model of Condensing Unit can fit. You need to investigate about various options of refrigeration condensing unit suppliers available in the marketplace. Various ranges of condensing unit also cater to various refrigeration requirements. Let’s understand how to select a proper Condensing unit (CU) for your Refrigeration Room.


1- Space for CU

You must be concerned about the space available for installing the Condensing Unit. Different brands of CU come with different shape and space requirements. Most reputed CU models come with a standardized design. The Compressor and other parts need to be assembled with CU and they need ample of space interms of width, length and height. So always choose to have ample of space for an improved radiation management.

2 –Capacity of the condensing unit

Condensing units come with both compressor and Condenser, Evaporation coils, etc. You must read out the technical features of each unit and their performance. Performance purely depends on how much power they consume, how much heat they radiate, evaporation, temperature, return gas temperature, water temperature etc. in the entire condensation process.


3 – Use of Condensing Unit

Are you going to store beverages, food supplies etc.? So CU must be chosen according to the use. Evaporation of range varies from model to model, size to size of the Condensing unit. Check the Evaporation Range in the technical data sheet and match with your cold storage requirement.

4 – Power Usage

Definitely, saving on the utility has been always a motto.You can find out the input voltage specification of the Condensing Unit and ensure it is supplied with the same for best performance. Analyze the torque of the expansion valve and this needs attention time to time. You must pay attention if the compressor is in the condensing unit has a high starting torque.


Finally, what matters is the design of the compressor, the packaged structure, energy efficiency, installation and maintenance factors, whether you choose a model which support water cooling or indoor or outdoor. Feel free to contact Africhill if you are looking for jaw-dropping deals on top-rated freezer rooms, cold rooms, condensing units and insulated panels.

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