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Cold Room – What is it?

We can say it is the larger version of the domestic refrigerators. A cold room controls its internal temperature using refrigerants (like CO2) i.e. it is used to maintain temperature above or below freezing depending upon the storage types. Mostly cold rooms are used in the food preparation industries.

cold storage

Advantages of Cold Rooms:

Temperature Adjustable:

As the cold rooms are temperature modifiable they can be used for various functions. It protects your goods and products from extreme temperatures and changes in weather especially food industry products like fruits, vegetables, meat and so on.

Different Sizes and Shapes:

Cold rooms are available in various sizes and shapes to meet your particular needs. For an instance if you want to store a less amount of food you can get a smaller one but if you need to store bulk amount of fruits or vegetables then a bigger one. So in short, depending upon quantity of the storage you can customize the cold rooms.

Cost effective:

Generally we throw foods that are spoiled which incur loss especially in food business industry. And cold rooms help save money by keeping the spoils to the minimum. You can buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and keep them safe with the help of cold rooms.

These benefits make cold rooms a necessary asset for food industry and all other industries that seek storage.



As the cold storage rooms are quite beneficial for storage of products especially food items incorporating it becomes essential. Africhill in South Africa offers variety of cold rooms according to your requirement.

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