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Modern engineered freezing units are well equipped to address today’s regulatory challenges and make the best use of energy. The condensing units are designed to meet the several challenges of commercial refrigeration units. Properly maintaining a cold storage or a freezing unit is an important factor for running it efficiently and ensuring a long operating life. Do you really know what condensing unit, compressor, condensing coil and the fan in condensing Unit means and what their significance! A typical condensing unit or HVAC Unit has three vital elements.




•  Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is usually located outside to act as a heat exchanger, in which it condenses or convert it from its gaseous to a liquid state. Thus the hidden heat is thrown up by the fan and move to the condenser coolant. It is significant to make sure the condensing unit is always clean and clear of any debris. The chief reason is to prevent blockages and to prevent your condensing unit from working harder than normal. Condensing Unit be placed in a shady area so it does not overheat as easily with the hot summer temperatures. It is also recommended that your condensing unit must be placed in the shaded area so it does not overheat with the hot temperatures.

•  Compressor

A compressor basically increases the pressure of the refrigerant to keep the liquid refrigerant moving along in order to keep the area cool. The freezing cycle is regulated by an electric motor that drives the compressor located within the condensing unit. The compressor helps to control the pressure applied to the refrigerant for removing heat to keep your freezing unit cool. Cold room or freezer units are designed to use a compressor that causes pressure changes between two compartments and actively pump the refrigerant around to make the area cool.

•  Condensing Coil

Condenser coil can also consider as one of the most major parts of a cooling unit. It helps in sending the heat carried by the refrigerant to outside. Through the regular running process, this coil will collect dirt and grime due to its overuse. Over a period of time, it will diminish the cold storage unit’s ability to perform its job. A dirty condenser coil in a Condensing unit can experience several issues hence should be taken care of by an expert technical team.

•  Condensing Unit Fan

The condenser unit fan is a blower that discards outdoor air across the condensing coil found in the outdoor condensing unit and helps to cool the refrigerant. Inside the condenser, the refrigerant vapor is compressed and forced through the heat exchange coil that discards the heat previously absorbed from the cold room or freezer units. The condenser’s heat exchanger is generally cooled by a fan blowing outside air through it. If the condensing unit fan is not properly functioned than the compressor itself will shut down or probably damaged due to over pressure or high temperature!





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