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Commercial refrigeration room is more than a necessity for different kinds of businesses, from pubs and fisheries to hotels. The design and functionality of these refrigeration units differ so that they can serve the storage needs of a specific business. Whether you are in food manufacturing, beverage distribution, pharmaceutical, catering or hospitality industry, you need the right kind of refrigeration solution. There are many options in the market of commercial refrigeration and you need to pick up the best based on your requirement as well as budget.


Commercial refrigeration rooms not just come in different styles and sizes, but also from different brands. Thus looking for the right one can often be difficult if you are not sure about which one to order for. Well, choice of a refrigeration room will be fast and easy if you have an expert’s guidance in this matter, but if you are shopping without any technical support, then maybe your consultation with the professional manufacturer will be helpful. So, go ahead and tell them what you expect from the refrigeration room; the way it should look, store, function etc.

Different Options for Commercial Refrigeration Room

The following list tells about different kinds of options you have for commercial refrigeration room.

1. Refrigeration Room in Modular Design:

Considered best for the food industry, these refrigeration rooms use panels and insulation materials to produce ultra-safe storage for the food products. They are built in flat pack format, easy to clean and install – covering as much space as required for commercial usage. You can have them in modular design to freeze at any desired temperature range. These refrigeration rooms can also be perfect for storage of non-edible materials.


2. Refrigeration Room in a Combination (Both Chiller & Freezer):

Combination refrigeration rooms come with combination of a chiller zone (2 C to 12 C) and a freezer zone (down to -22 C). The split of internal temperature zone allows you to enjoy the advantage of a chiller and freezer in a single unit. They can be a worthy kit if you want to store various temperature sensitive food products in one place.

3. Walk-in Refrigeration room:

These are much larger refrigeration rooms with easily accessible storage shelves. You can directly walk in and move inside them. The walk-in refrigeration rooms are suitable for back-store operations (restaurants, supermarkets) and in mass food storage facilities.

4. Industrial chiller:

This refrigeration room is best for catering business which involves uploading large stock of bulky food products and unloading them with a forklift truck. It is not just your staff but also unloading vehicles like the forklift trucks can freely walk inside the room. The refrigeration room seems appropriate for the ice factories and other large industries.

5. The Custom-built or Bespoke Refrigeration room:

The custom-built or bespoke refrigeration rooms are the preference of the business owners. They can be custom planned with all the essential and desired features. You can decide the room size, storage style and capacity based on your specific needs.

The refrigeration room that you select should be well aligned with the operational needs of your business. The available space should be carefully measured before deciding the size of the refrigeration unit. The storage features should be adjusted well within the space so that you can make the most of the refrigeration room.

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