Whether you own a pharmacy or a supermarket, your cold room is a vital investment. Effectively managing a cold room is all about maintaining the right temperature & throughout. There’re many mistakes that cold room owners are likely to make that can have an adverse effect on one or both of these aspects. We’ve shortlisted some of the most common cold room mistakes and how to avoid them.

Inadequate space:

Ensure your cold room is the appropriate size. One that’s either too big, too small or doesn’t fit into the intended area can be an expensive mistake. Ensure your cold room has adequate storage space to snugly store your products, taking the width, height and depth of the planned space into account. Keep in mind that cold air should flow through the room to sustain the right temperature, so stay away from cramming items into a limited space.

Excess energy expense:

Energy savings is a persistent theme in cold storage because it is more expensive to cool air than to heat it. At the same time, different products need different temperature. Cold rooms with higher COP/EER ratios are more energy efficient in comparison to those with lower ratios.  To offer an increased cooling capacity while decreasing energy consumption, ensure your cold room feature energy efficient design & high capacity motor.

Non-serviceable parts:

Without serviceable parts there’s nothing you can do to fix a unit if a main component such as the motor burns out. Once the lifespan of the part is over, you might require to replace the whole cold room itself. It’s essential that your cold room feature serviceable parts, safeguarding your investment and avoiding loss of cash and added labor, and probably preventing a loss of profit.

Bulky items:

Storing items that are heavier than the unit was engineered to accommodate can damage it & even make the walls to detach from the floor, making the system totally inoperable. One must always check the capacity of the cold storage room to avoid storing items that’d end up being too bulky.

One should always check the capacity of the cold storage room to avoid putting in items that would end up being too heavy.

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