Four Things to Consider When Buying A Commercial Freezer For Your Catering Business


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It really takes a lot of planning and considerations when you’re all set ready to open a food-associated catering business. One most vital element in your catering business is having the appropriate commercial catering freezer. It’s a fact that freezers are vital to the food catering industry to keep foods fresh and healthy for some time.

In a food catering business, regardless of the kind of meal you cater, you’ll always have the requirement of a refrigerator unit to store different foods at the most favorable temperature.

While the main purpose of purchasing a freezer is to keep food fresh for a long time, you must think cautiously while purchasing such costly items. In the beginning stage, while you’re thinking to buy a commercial catering freezer, you must ask yourself these below mentioned questions:

  • First of all, you must inquire yourself what kind of freezer do you require. There’re many manufacturers that supply a great array of commercial refrigeration gadgets including catering freezers, serve over the counters, commercial refrigeration filing cabinet & counters, back bar coolers, ice-machines, and glass door freezers to select from. Be clear regarding what kind of freezer you require for your catering business.
  • In second, be certain regarding the accessible room you own. As commercial catering refrigeration units avail in a variety of sizes, the options you’ve might be significantly decreased based on how much area you can afford once it has been fitted.
  • In third, make a decision how much of your menu holds frozen food. If your menu has most of the major items that are frozen, you have to settle on how large your commercial freezer should be, not to say the style of the refrigerator you’ll need.
  • In fourth, make up your mind, whether you wish to purchase a brand new commercial refrigerator or a second hand. One main cause why people favor to purchase used freezer of any type is because of the affordable price ticket. Though saving cash is great, a second hand catering refrigerator will rarely come with any warranty or after-sales service from the seller.

Last but not the least; don’t negotiate with the quality when it comes to buying a commercial freezer for your catering business because it will be all about the repute of your business.

For quality yet affordable freezer rooms contact Africhill – your one-stop shop for freezer rooms and blast freezers in the entire African region. For more information about our service, visit For any help, reach us at +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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Top Benefits Of Using Cold Storage Units


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Do you need a cold storage for your restaurant, food storage unit or winery? In fact, cold storage rooms can be an ideal alternative to keep your goods or food items in a cool or temperature controlled environment. No matter whatever your needs may be, you should look out for a good cold storage unit to prevent the food items from deterioration.

However, there’s an availability of so many options for you to choose from, like blast freezers, walk-in freezer rooms and cold storage facilities. Read on to find out more about the benefits of cold storage rooms:


Cold Storage Units Have Multiple Applications For a Wide Range of Use.

As the cold storage rooms can have an ultimate ability of temperature controlling, so they can be used for a wide array of functions. Just you need to adjust the temperature settings and the cold storage unit will be immediately converted into a drying room or blast freezer. However, you need to maintain a constant temperature and prevent the product deterioration or use the unit for dehumidification. Though, they’re tightly sealed and temperature is maintained at a constant range, you can be sure of protecting your foods and other items related to the food industry in an extreme weather condition.

Cold Storage Rooms Offer Adjustable Temperature Control.

With the easy temperature control functionality, you can adjust the cool storage rooms. Although, the rooms are fully sealed, insulated and monitored, you can rely on them to maintain the temperature setting as per your choice, no matter whatever the outside temperature. With the temperature control panel, it’s quite easy to change the setting. You just simply choose a specific temperature of your choice and leave the cold storage unit to take care of the rest!


Cold Storage Units Are Available In Customizable Settings and Sizes.

After all, your goods or products may certainly need a specific storage solution in terms of shape, size or temperature requirements. Fortunately, the cold storage units come up with customizable facilities, so that you can make necessary changes to accommodate your specific food products or supplies. Simply, let the manufacturer know about what you need and they can adjust your cold storage requirements as required.

Choose Africhill Cold Storage Rooms For Your Needs.

Africhill is a premier name in the cold storage industry, providing a wide array of solutions to go beyond the expectations of clients. Our team of professionals has years of experience and excellence in designing and manufacturing cold storage rooms, blast freezers, insulation panels (plain and fluted), evaporator blower coils, cold room doors (sliding and hinge) and other associated components for your use in different applications. No matter whether you want to install or replace cold storage panels or refrigeration units, we can help you out and provide a superior level of service to boost the performance of your cooling and freezing system. Check out the selections available for cold storage rooms at Africhill and buy the best one for your restaurant, winery, food storage unit or a milk cooling tank!

cold rooms, blast freezers

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Five Questions to Ask Your Cold Room Manufacturers


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Cold room makers are refrigeration professionals supplying large volume of refrigerators and freezers to industrial and commercial food processing industry if all types, including hotels, restaurant, medicals and commercial kitchens. A cold room is, basically, a walk-in freezer or refrigerator which can hold a large volume of food or unpreserved non-food stock at balanced temperatures.

Choosing a cold room manufacturer is a crucial choice, since the refrigerator you pick could be with you for ten to twenty years. So it’s essential to consider not only the size and price of your cold room, but also to inquire these 5 questions:

Do they produce on a large volume?

Large volume manufacturing units aid to keep the cost down, offering you a superior ticket price. Adequate stocks also mean you don’t have to wait too long for your cold room to be assembled, helping you get up and running more swiftly. Look for a supplier who operate nationally and are large enough to have their own large-scale production plants.

Do they provide the full range of cold & freezer rooms?

Every food associated business has somewhat different requirements in terms of heat ranges needed, the volume of supply to be served for and size of parcels to be stored. Only makers who offer the complete range of feasible solutions can aid you choose exactly the perfect size and kind of cold or freezer room to meet your requirements. Always look for a supplier who offers all 3 standard temperature varieties: Chiller (+2 to +12C), Medium (-2 to +5C) and Freezer (-18 to -22C).

Do they build in safety acquiescence as standard?

Having a cold or freezer room is a lot more than just keeping the foodstuff chilled.  In fact, it’s a crucial segment of keeping your business acquiescent with food safety convention. You also wish to be certain that staff utilizing the room won’t be fortuitously fixed inside. Manufacturers that build in acquiescence features like observing, recording and user safety as standard must be your first priority.

Do they offer a comprehensive site survey & installation service?

Do they offer a comprehensive site survey and fitting service? Setting up a cold or freezer room is something which requires to be accomplished right at the first attempt. Look for a manufacturer who’ll help you in picking the appropriate product and who’ll visit your site to verify for any issues before installation. This is the finest means to make sure you’ve the perfect solutions for your requirements. It also signifies you find a turnkey solution which’s prepared to use once it’s installed.

Do they offer a good warranty?

Any food retail business relies seriously on its cold room and other gadgets to keep functioning on a regular basis. A non-functioning freezer room means closing the business and losing some important revenue. So it’s important that your selected solution is supported by a firm warranty. Look for a manufacturer who provides at least two years warranty and who’ve a network of engineers in place who’ve precise training in that supplier’s products.

To find top-rated cold rooms, freezer rooms, insulated panels and condensing units contact Africhill.

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Why Condenser Coil Cleaning Is Important For the Health of Your Refrigeration-Conditioning Unit


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No doubt, refrigeration conditioners play a crucial part in our regular life. It works all through the summer to keep us as comfortable as probable, but things will suddenly happen that have an effect on its performance. One of the terrible things can happen to your refrigeration conditioner is dirt upsurge on the condenser coil. That is why condenser coil cleaning is a vital segment of keeping your unit functioning smoothly for years to come.

What are condenser coils?

Condenser coils are placed  outside of your house in your condensing entity. After refrigerant has become a gas and accumulated temperature from inside your house, it shifts to the condenser coil where that temperature is transmitted into the air that is blown on top of the coil. Inside the coil, the refrigerant cools  down, become a fluid and is sent back to your house.

Why cleaning of condenser coil is essential?

Over time, dirt & debris get trapped in your exterior condensing mechanisms and starts to wrap your condenser coil. This creates problems for the condenser coil to accomplish its responsibility, because it’s tougher to transmit temperature to the exterior air when the coil is wrapped with debris.

If you don’t clean your condenser coil, your  refrigerator will employ more power while concurrently decreases its capability to cool your stuff. Basically, you will be disbursing more for a mechanism that’s performing less.

How often you should consider condenser coil cleaning:

Your exterior condenser coil must be cleaned at least once a year if not more, particularly here in South Africa, where we depend on our refrigeration conditioning unit almost every time we get into our home. Fortunately, condenser coil cleaning is a normal routine task and can be performed by you even though you are not a professional.

During routine maintenance of your refrigeration conditioning unit, ask your technician to straighten out if any of the condenser’s fins have bent. Keep in mind that, bent fins can limit airflow, so straightening them can assist exploit your condensing units productivity.

What is your responsibility to help maintain your condenser coil clean?

To keep your condenser coil clean all through the year, it is your responsibility to keep away as much dirt & foliage as you can from the condensing unit. Take away any noticeable dirt that you can see around the unit, and trim your plant at least 2 feet to stop further debris buildup and permit for an excellent air flow.

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Enjoy Amazing Advantages of Walk-In Cold Storage Unit


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Whether it is a hospital, restaurant, catering or any food service industries, getting quality commercial refrigeration is essential. While purchasing food products in bulk or via wholesale it is required to have adequate storage, which can be fulfilled with a walk-in cold storage that will prove to be effective in carefully preserving those items. It is considered that a walk-in cold storage should be built with top quality condensing units and insulated panels to offer best results in maintaining food safety, freshness and flavor.


Use of walk-in cold storage:

  • Retail store
  • Cafes
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Clubs and Resorts

Benefits of a high quality refrigeration or storage solution- walk-in cold storage unit:

Flexibility in Storage Space:

You can suitably choose to get a desired size your walk-in cold storage unit as per the storage requirements that will offer ample of storage space for your goods. Getting a plenty of storage space will help in spending less time in restocking, which will result in saving the unnecessary money expenditure.

Effective Refrigeration:

With a good condensing units and top quality insulated panels, your walk-in cold storage unit will have tight seals and temperature regulation controls, which will offer best refrigeration solution. In a temperature controlled environment of a walk-in storage unit, you can maintain freshness of your goods and products for a long period of time.

Offers Good Access:

It will be easy in accessing or finding the goods and products stored in a walk-in storage space, for which most of the cafes and restaurants have included walk-in storage as a profitable factor. This also ensures your goods or products are accessed and used in the right time without causing any wastage.

proj_26_02_thumbSecured Features:

Built with highly insulated panels, a walk-in cold storage will prove to be a secured storage in keeping your goods and products safe from pests and rodents. Walk-in cold storage units built with EPS insulated panels will not allow growth of mould and mildew as well as an efficient condensing unit will help in improving indoor air quality making it free from contaminants and allergens.

We are known to be industry experts in creating custom cold storage units as well as offers best quality insulated panels for all cold rooms and wide variety of advanced condensing units.

Contact us today at Tel: +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or send an email to

Productive Features and Effective Application of Insulated Panels


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One can mark an increasing demand of insulated panels for various purposes from industrial to housing sectors in South Africa as well as across the world. Insulated panels have greater insulation properties and are considered to be more efficient than wall of bricks. Because of flexibility, insulated panels can be molded into different shapes and sizes as per the requirement. Insulated panels are assembled in a factory setting and are lightweight that makes it easy to handle at on site while assembling.


Great Features of Insulated Panels:

  • Have excellent thermal qualities for providing energy efficient space.
  • Suits your budget.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Conveniently customized.
  • Prevents pests and rodents because of a polystyrene core.
  • Eliminates growth of mould and mildew as insulated panels are moisture resistant.
  • Saves labor cost.
  • Environment friendly.

Insulated panels are considered ideal for both residential and commercial applications:

  • Building a temporary or permanent house, schools or garages with energy efficient feature.
  • Cold storage
  • Clean rooms
  • Super markets
  • Improving insulation of existing commercial buildings or structures.

Generally insulated panels have EPS (expanded polystyrene) as an insulation material, which is non-toxic and last for a long period of time as it is tightly compressed between two rigid layers; thus forming a durable and strong structure. You will find no wastage of material in manufacturing insulated panels because the manufacturer conveniently and precisely manufactures exact segments, which suits the customer’s specifications and deliver them flat packed at the desired location. Once got delivered then can be assemble with minimal labor force to stand out as a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structure. Tested for fire resistance- insulated panels are available in different thickness makes it suitable for wall cladding, roofing and ceilings.


Getting Top Quality Insulated Panels in South Africa:

You will get best quality insulated panels at Africhill, which is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cold rooms, freezer rooms, condensing units and blower coils for industrial as well as retail sectors in South Africa. Our insulated panels are considered perfect for cold rooms and cold storage application. With us you will get variety of durable and well manufactured insulated panels such as plain insulated panels, fluted insulated panels and IBR insulated panels.

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Top Quality and Durable Insulated Panels for Cold Rooms


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Insulated panels are mainly used in cold rooms and cold storage applications that are widely found in retail, wholesale, storage and transport industry. Insulated panels are prefabricated structures which can be erected anywhere onsite conveniently to build a high performance cold room or cold storage for industrial purpose. Use of insulated panels provide thermal insulation that results in saving costs on energy bills, which is considered great for any industry depending on cold rooms or cold storage application.

evaporator-blower-coils-img1Use of insulated panels is found in for various purposes, such as:

  • Commercial walk in cold rooms
  • Cold storage warehouses and cold rooms
  • Refrigerated containers and clean rooms.

Industries dependent for effective cold rooms built with highly insulated panels:

  • Catering Industry
  • Retail Flowering Industry
  • Restaurants
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Super Markets
  • Butchery and Beverage Rooms

Best Insulated Panel Manufacturer in South Africa:

Do you want well built insulated panels in South Africa? Are you looking for reputed insulated panel manufacturer in South Africa?

evaporator-blower-coils-img2You will get well built and durable insulated panels from Africhill, which is a leading and well known insulated panel manufacturer in South Africa. We specialize in manufacturing top quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulated panels that are popularly used in cold rooms and cold storage applications in retail and commercial industry. You will get built perfect set of insulated panels by us as per your requirement in range of thickness and dimension, which can be conveniently assembled on the site and if required can easily be dismantle or reassembled. Our insulated panels are lightweight along with carries an un-comparable strength and stability. Comes with low maintenance property- our EPS insulated panels are best in resisting moisture, pests and mould formation effectively. You can use our EPS insulated panels for wall cladding, ceiling and flooring in cold rooms. Contact us today by dropping an E-mail at or ring us at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 for consultation.

Insulated Panels – One of the Key Elements of Green Living


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The environmental problems – the world is facing today isn’t limited for the current generation but also it will be a challenge for future generations. And if it is not checked now then it might outburst in future causing massive crisis! Hence, to save the current world and the future we need to take immediate actions! And the most effective solution to these problems is going green!
Now the question that arises is what is going green all about? Green here refers to the eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable processes, products and energy adapting which will help us to fight back the current environmental crisis, hence saving the future.

And the most effective method of going green today is the buildings built with the eco-friendly, energy efficient and cost effective insulated panels. Insulated panels are used in floors, walls, and roofs offering a tremendously durable, tough and high performance material. Insulated panels are used in cold rooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers and various other construction industries.

These panels are made of a deep layer of polyurethane or polystyrene covered on either sides by dual layers of plywood, fiber cement, or oriented strand boards. Nowadays most insulated panels are manufactured using green friendly techniques with no CFC’s or HCFC’s and hence considered as one of the key elements of green living revolution.

Various manufacturing companies all around the world today has taken the initiative to build such environment savior elements to be used in buildings. Africhill is known for its high quality insulated panels in South Africa. Save the planet Earth from being exhausted by opting the green living alternatives.

Africhill: Benefits of Using Our Customized Commercial Freezer Rooms


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Usually commercial freezer rooms operate all year around. It is very crucial for these cold storage facilities to have uninterrupted reliability, long-lasting and electrical efficiency. Commercial freezer rooms are specially designed to efficiently reduce the temperature. At Africhill, we supply superior quality customized freezer rooms for various commercial purposes. Our company is based in Kempton Park Gauteng, South Africa and we are one of the renowned cold storage solution providers in our country. Today, you can order freezer rooms in any dimension and size as per your need from us. But this is not the only benefit of having our customized freezer room. Read below to know some other benefits of it.insulated-panels

  • It can be customized to suit individual needs.
  • Perfect construction for a long durability.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Well balanced refrigeration system.
  • Dismountable design for easy to resettle.
  • Good energy saving options.
  • Perfect space utilization.
  • No limits for dimensions or modular systems.
  • It will be installed by experts of our company.
  • Our freezer rooms are made of best quality modern panels, which fulfill all the hygienic and authority requirements.
  • As cold storage specialists, we know exactly how to plan, design and install freezer rooms. We will also give you tips to operate your freezer rooms from planning to every day using.
  • You will get the best price because of customized panel system and expert cost saving solutions.

Our company also provides DIY cold rooms, mortuary cabinets, insulated panels, condensing units, blower coils and many other cold storage solutions for commercial sectors. All our products are made out of best quality industrial materials, which will last longer than your expectation. To order customized freezer rooms and other cold storage solutions, just call us at +27 (0) 11 396 2402.

What is a Condensing Unit?


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Basically, condensing unit is a high side assembly of a whole refrigeration system. These units are temperature-control devices used in refrigerators, heat pumps, air conditioners and chillers. A condensing unit is an assembly of condenser, compressor, electronic controls, mounting plate, motor, pump and coils. It has the function of a heat exchanger to condensate and cool down the incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid and a fan for blowing outside air through the air exchanger section to cool down the refrigerants.evaporator-blower-coils-img1

In the working process of a condensing unit, condensers apply pressure to gas until it becomes a liquid out as heat. Then it will circulate the cooled liquid through a closed system, where it absorbs heat as it returns to the compressor. All condensers are heat exchangers. A fan inside a condensing unit force air over the metal coils to cool areas, outbound from the condenser, or it is ventilated on the warm side. In air conditioner condensing units, it first condenses the refrigerant vapor into a liquid form. Then a compressor creates a steady flow of liquid refrigerant, where it moves along inside the metal coils. Then a fan or blower blasts out the cold air created form the cooling effects of the flowing refrigerant liquid.

Condensers range in size from small units used in water foundation and refrigerators to huge machines used for cold storages and air conditioning systems of large building. Condensing units facilitate working and living in areas that were once considered as uninhabitable. Its refrigeration properties are used to extend the life of perishable food.

At Africhill, we have the largest inventory of quality condensing units for sale. We manufacture cold rooms, freezer rooms, insulated panels and all the equipments related to cold storage rooms. We guarantee for the best product and service at budget suited prices. For more information, call +263 772 359 659 for the customer support or visit our website.